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See at Daylight Pulau Rebak - at Sunset - seen from Beach Garden Resort Beer Garden
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Beach Garden Resort - Bistro & Beergarden - Pantai Cenang - Langkawi Permata Kedah - Malaysia - 10 Min. from the Airport

Jungle Trekking Inclusive

Entering the Beach Garden Resort past the stone guards gives you immediately the feeling to be cut off completely from the outside world. A short jungle path heading west leads through a lush green jungle like garden, past a small pond down to the beach.

At the end of the path when you step out of the shadow of the canopy the bright sunshine reflects on a spot of white, fine sand. It is the open air part of the Beach Garden Resort restaurant, the beer garden. Protected by a sun sail this is an ideal place to enjoy a cool beer from the keg and enjoy the sunset at the same time.

Nothing blocks your sight while your eyes are scanning across the beach and the braking sea at the shore. You ar absolutely right, this is not Manhattan, Houston or London.

"This is Paradise" you will think when this view is pleasing your eyes the first time. But wait, the day is still young.

Oh, the rooms? We must have missed them....

.....continued >>> The Rooms

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